The Style Paige – Relaunch

Hi there & welcome to The Style Paige: a site/blog dedicated to chatting about style. Style is a board category so lets dig in.

I start The Style Paige back in 2017 and lost sight of why I started a blog in the first place. This website is a space for women to discuss their style questions, talk about products, share cute pet pictures, and be creative with their own closets. Have you been on Instagram lately? Woah. Overwhelming. So many blogs. But let me tell you why this one is different.

Have you ever bought a new top that you just really loved but had no idea how to wear it or even what hole your arm goes in? That’s what The Style Paige is for! Email ( or DM me your style questions & and I will post some ideas for ya! Also if you ever feel like your #OOTD is one point and you want to share your style advice for putting together the perfect look send it to me so I can post it. Instagram handles will be tagged don’t worry. Other things you can expect to find here on the site: celebrity style hacks on a budget, wearing what’s already in your closet and loving it, worth mentioning products, small space big city living, and so much more!


First of all if grammar and spelling errors bother you beware because I make a lot of those…

On a personal note: I’m Paige! I’m 24 and moved to San Francisco not to long ago from OKLAHOMA! I graduated with my accounting degree and currently working at a desk job doing yes accounting… I also have a side gig as a stylist for StitchFix. Way more fun! Just trying to find my corner on the internet with this here blog. I will be dedicating a tab of the blog to all things San Francisco! What to do, eat, and drink (mostly beer) here in the city since I’m new and everything thing is still shiny and bright! My apartment is tiny, over priced, and filled with my 3 cats and my boyfriend all of which are super cute. I’m just trying to find my corner in the digital world of blogging.

Here is a picture of all three of my cats!

When people have cats they immediately have to show you a picture. There is a reason I have three… For another post!

Nice to meet you! Be sure to send me your style questions and follow along for some chatty style advice.


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