Get Wide Or Get Lost

Hi, wait don’t get lost just yet! Do you own a pair of wide-leg pants/jeans? I’m a proud owner of two pairs of pants and one pair of jeans. I was skeptical to purchase the second pair of pants because what if this is just a trend that is about done with?

Nah! I think wide leg pants are here to stay. I had women always asking me while I was at Madewell if I think the trend was staying around and if it is worth the money to buy a pair. Wide leg pants are so flattering and perfect to wear to work opposed to a tradition skinny work pant. When I first purchase a pair of wide-leg pants I thought I had to wear them with heels and only girls with more height could wear them with flat shoes. As I became more comfortable wear a non-skinny jean I started experimenting with a flat shoes. The Key is to make sure the pants hits above your ankle. If it doesn’t look for a petite size option or get the pants hemmed!

With the popularity of the style, you can really pick a pair that reflects your personal taste.

What to look for when shopping:

Back pockets! It’s a balancing act. Look for a larger pocket.

Stretch. You want enough stretch to sit but not too much that the pants stretched out on you. Try sitting in the dressing room.

Color! Olive is a popular color for spring and great to wear into the office. A striped pair will look cute in summer with a white baby doll tee.


Two favorites:



Pants (here), Jacket (here), Shoes (here), & Top (similar)

Xx, Paige

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