Pink Bomber Jacket

I was looking for a picture to post on Instagram today and I realized I wear my pink bomber jacket like a lot… Which Inspired me to write a post based on the many, many ways you can wear a PINK (or colored) Bomber Jacket!

Look #1 EVERYDAY: worn with boyfriend jeans and a tight top. Bomber jackets tend to be more of a cropped look and boyfriend jeans tend to sit on the hips. The combo works!

Boyfriend jean take two! Add a belt and a glass of wine.

One of the great things about a bomber jacket is it also makes a good wind breaker. So wear a cute top underneath if you need to shed a layer. Look for a almost workout looking material and quality zippers.

Look #2 wear it with WORKOUT gear

This look is perfect for a busy Saturday running to a workout class than to a patio to enjoying a beer in the sun! A bomber is a great piece to wear over top to dress up your sweaty look. Tip! Wear or pack a pair of casual shoes like Adidas to change into. Don’t forget to pack a pair of fresh no-show socks. My favorite brand to buy is Vans.

Shopping Guide:

(Shop look #1, #2, and #3)

(Shop look #1, #2, and #3)

My personal Favorite under $100 is number #3 and for over $100 #2!

Look #3 silk JOGGERS with a matching side strip. Keep the under layer simple. White, black or grey tee. Casual sneakers. I love a good pair of Golden Goose sneakers. If you really want to go all into the look add a fanny pack! Nothing like holding a mimosa for Sunday brunch hands free baby!

Thanks for reading! I’ve haven’t posted in a bit, but starting two new jobs has kept me busy!! I want to get back into it and plan on doing one-two post a month and weekly Instagram inspiration.



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