Keeping it Simple

Hi there! I was talking to this girl at a brewery last weekend wearing a fabulous romper mind you and we got to talking about clothes. Living in a big city equals less closet space (and to be honest less spending money), which got me thinking how my closet has evolved depending on where I live. Verdict: learning what items are worth the money and closet spaces verse what simple items can go a long way.

My advise spend your money on pants that fit you perfectly and are a great quality. Jeans, Chinos, jogger, or shorts! Also shoes are normally worth the money too! Ladies Everlane makes awesome pants! If you are wanting to branch out from jeans I strongly recommend.

The White Tee.

It’s glorious and so easy. Shop my favorite one here. A ribbed version is also a great way to mix up your collection. Shop my favorite here!

A White Button Up:

Mix and match this classic with colored wide leg pants or skinny jeans. Add your personal style to the look with your shoes and accessories! Like colored hoops, chunky sandals, or a colored tote.


Blouses aren’t very practical for a small wardrobe. To be honest look at your blouses and you will be surprised if you can even remember the last time you wore them! I still keep a few to mix it up for work but I can tell you all my tees get a lot more use. The blazer and tee trend really has me inspired right now.

Layer under a bold jacket.

Lots of bold print jackets are on the marker right now and they are great for a working girls wardrobe. Paired with a simple tee equals a no fuss outfit.

Even wear with work our clothes for a Hike.

If white isn’t your color go for black, pink, grey whatever but it is a great way to simplify your wardrobe.

Thanks for reading!



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