About Paige


Meet Paige:

Hey guys! If you are reading this I am pumped! The Style Paige was created as a platform to engage and create community of stylish women and create a space where ideas come to life. Well, and most importantly to create a kick ass wardrobe.

So if you want to hear about me, here it goes... I am currently 23 with a full time 9-5 job (Yikes! Someone save me.). I am a creative soul stuck working in corporate America and in none the less... ACCOUNTING! (but my fault for getting an accounting degree).  

Tipsy is an important character to the blog. You can expect to see her weird self on Instagram stories and licking a cold one. Visit her page in the blog here and hear more about how she got stuck with me. 

Full disclosure: I am terrible at spelling, grammar, english, writing, and pretty much anything someone would be graded on in an english class (I might have dyslexia). So be forewarned you WILL come along some spelling error or several. Posts will be kept simple with pictures and digestible reads. 

Rapid fire facts!

  • Vegetarian 
  • I LOVE animals. Is Animal Planet hiring?
  • Coffee over tea. 
  • Novels are my fave. Follow me on my instagram to see what I am currently reading. and even if you aren't a big reader, I promise that you will like some of my picks.
  • Running is my addiction. One half marathon under my belt and planning on running many more. Maybe even a full marathon one of these days.