Cherry Bomb workout guide

Hello Ladies! 

I've been thinking about writing this post for a while now. Today's post is about how I utilize time management to create a workout schedule. 


Let be honest life gets busy and work gets over whelming. Plus trying to add a workout in and you might just lose it. What I have found that works for me is creating habit. I know what days I am going to run outside in the mornings, what days I hit the gym before work (if I have it in me), and what days I take classes with friends. 

Tip #1: 

Adding a class or two in your schedule every week and planning on meeting someone really helps to hold you accountable. Working out with friends is fun! Instead of just going to dinner I try and encourage working out first than dinner. Balancing friends and family can get challenging if you have a crazy bust schedule making meeting up for a workout class the perfect alternative. Drinks after!

Running is free and easy so I used to be against classes, but since adding in a spin class and interval training class in my workout routine every week I can really see a difference in various aspects of my life. 


Tip #2: 

Know what workout activities you like verses hate. A lot of people tell me they hate running. That's fine! Try a spin class, swimming, hiking, or even rock climbing. Just find one activity you actually enjoy and add it to your planner twice a week to get started. Create a habit. 


Tip # 3:

Don't think about working out as something that is a hassle. Enjoy it. A phrase that has stuck with me over the years is you will never regret a workout.

I'm over whelmed constantly by my 9-5 job, night courses, blogging, and having a boyfriend that is 5989726 miles away, but I use working out as a vehicle to keep me on track and focused. 


Tip #4:

Buy cute work out clothes. I'm serious! Working out is about feeling confident in your own skin. There are so many options out there for workout clothes so you don't have to spend a fortune. 

  • The credential I would recommend spending some extra cash on:
  • High-waisted black leggings (I recommend this pair from ALO)
  • A supportive sports bra
  • Tennis (depending on your activity of choice) 
  • Workout Socks

A couple of places I have found with super cute workout clothes for a price a littler easier on your wallet:

  • Old Navy
  • TJ Max (did you know you can shop online now? My mom has seriously found the best stuff!)
  • Marshalls
  • ASOS

Just get out there! Join a gym. Be outside. Just take it one day at a time. Just make working out your lifestyle.

Here is my typical workout week: 

Monday: Run outside 5-6 miles

Tuesday: Orange Theory class with my girlfriend and dinner and drinks after (helps me look forwards to Tuesdays)

Wednesday: Either rest day or hit the gym before work and run 4-5 miles

Thursday: Run outside 6+ miles

Friday: Spin Class at Cycle Bar with my mom 

Saturday: I hardly ever workout on Saturday's it's my day to sleep in, watch Netflix's, or be hungover...

Sunday: Typically I do a longer run outside or rest


*I am by no means an expert. I just wanted to share with you my habits when it comes to working out to maybe inspire you to make some habits of your own. Please leave me a comment below letting me know how you like to work out!*



Outfit: Bra (here) Pants (here) Shoes (here) Water bottle (here) Jacket (is super old from TJ max)

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