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Q: How can I style a wider leg jean with booties? 

Paige: I have been really into the wider legged jean for about six months now. My favorite style is from Madewell and it is called the Cali-Demi boot. It's still fitted in the leg with a some flare towards the end. But I have noticed that it is more challenging to style this type of jean in the winter. 

The best advice I could give to you is to add a bootie with a heel. If your like me, average height (5'5), it can be a struggle to try and keep your legs looking longer. A heel can be your best friend by adding that length you need to complete your look. I'm not inviting heels here... I know heels make you look taller but this combo can be a savior. If your six foot tall you probably can get away with a flat bootie.

If I wanted to style the jeans with some Adidas I'd keep my top fitted and add a jean jacket. I've styled these jeans both ways. Swapping a tennis shoes in this look  just takes a little more thought! I'll do a blog post soon showing how to style these same jeans with a tennis shoe.

If you try some wider legged jeans out let me know how you like them at or DM me on instagram

 These sun glasses are my go to. 

These sun glasses are my go to. 

 Sweater ( HERE ) Jeans ( HERE ) Sunglasses ( HERE ) Purse ( HERE )

Sweater (HERE) Jeans (HERE) Sunglasses (HERE) Purse (HERE)

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