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Q: What pieces in your closet are worth the money this fall?

Paige: There are a few pieces in every girls closet that should be considered an "investment" piece. I want to focus in on one piece in particular that every girl should search and save for. A leather jacket. I searched and saved for many years and finally found one that captured the look I wanted. I didn't want a standard cut (even though those look great on everybody) I wanted something a little loser. When I came across this bomber style jacket from Madewell I knew it was the one I was looking for. So as soon as this bad boy came in the mail I donated my Forever21 pleather jacket to Goodwill and said hello gorgeous! 

I haven't stopped wearing it since...

Things to look for when shopping for a leather jacket:

  • 100% leather (duh, unless your Vegan)
  • How is the lining? Is it cotton? Stay away from polyester if you're paying the big bucks
  • How does it lay with your body type? You need to be 100% sure it makes you feel like a bad ass before you swipe that card
  • Color. If you can afford only one leather jacket really evaluate your closet. Could you wear black or brown more with your shoe collection. I would love a red leather jacket if it is ever in my budget, but I wouldn't buy it as my first one
  • The companys reputation. Do you have a history with the company? If so how do their product hold up? If you still have a pair of jeans, boots, or shirt from them from 2013 you are probably good to go.

If you have any further questions for me feel free to email me at

 I'm all about a bootie with a heel.

I'm all about a bootie with a heel.

 Jacket ( HERE ) Jeans ( HERE ) Top ( SIMILAR ) Boots ( SIMILAR ) 

Jacket (HERE) Jeans (HERE) Top (SIMILAR) Boots (SIMILAR

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