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Q: How would you style a pajama inspired blouse?

Paige: This look was originally inspired by one of my girlfriends asking me what I would wear to a stock the bar party. This is the look I put together, which created a bigger question when trying to style this top I just recently purchased. How can you style a pajama inspired blouse and still look put together?

First, I would recommend steaming your shirt. You want your blouse to look fresh pressed and not just like you rolled out of bed. Grab a pair of jeans you know you feel comfortable in since this top might be a different look than you are used to. I paired my blouse with my very worn in ripped skinnies. 

This trick never gets old... add a front tuck! Yes, it's like magic. I undid my bottom button so I could just tuck in one side of the shirt. It really helped my whole look come together.


Also a cute belt helps to keep a boxy top structured. Make sure to color cordinate here because the blouse is your statement piece of the outfit not your belt!

The top I'm wearing I got on super sale form ASOS, but I have tagged 3 blouses below that are simple and easy to wear!

Ladies I want to hear your style questions! Send me your biggest issues so I can get to work! Email me at or DM me on Instagram Also, you can now find me on

 Shop my look  here

Shop my look here


(Check out my front tuck)

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