pg. 20 - wearing BF jeans out

Q: Could I get away with wearing my BF jeans for a night out?

Paige: YES! Boyfriend jeans are the best to glam up. Here is an easy breakdown:

  • Heels! Always. Make them either really chunky or a Carrie Bradshaw type heel. 
  • If you go with chunky shoes add a belt for structure to the jeans and some kind of edgy top to complete the look.
  • If you go with a slim heel add a blouse or button up. Tuck it in. Also if you need a jacket this is the part of your outfit that can be slouchy. 
  • Accessories: Cross body! Here is where you can add your texture. Velvet, fur, animal print, pretty much whatever fun bag you have! Jewelry: keep it simple with gold or silver. Pick your poison. 

When going out try to pick your statement piece. Here I picked boyfriend jeans, so I built my entire outfit around my jeans. Make sure not to throw too many wildcards into your outfit. 


I chose velvet for my texture!

 Shop my look  here

Shop my look here

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