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Q: How could I style a silk jogger for the office?

Paige: Silk joggers can be tricky. Keeping your look the perfect balance of effortless plus I'm the boss at work can take some serious effort, BUT girl I've got you covered. 

Start with picking a pair of joggers that fit your body type perfectly. You can't half ass it here (pardon my french), but I'm serious. Personally I have a really short waste so I shopped for a jogger with a higher waist and a little crop to give me length. 

Tips for shopping the perfect jogger:

  • Length: my shorter girls out there go for a cropped looked and nothing too baggy. Average height you have more room to play around. Look for a fun cuff or a stripe down the side. Tall ladies skip the cropped, lets work those legs. Go for a full length jogger with pockets.
  • Pocket style: Make sure the back pockets are sewn shut to reduce bulky bootie syndrome. Also, in general make sure the pants have pockets, because if you are wanting to wear joggers to work it will keep the pants looking tailored and professional.

Another important component when styling a jogger is your shoe choice! I went with a trendier shoe in this look, a mule, but there are a few classics that you can't go wrong with (I'm styling for work wear here because casual is a different ball game):

Heels: A skinny heel is perfect but a chunky wedge is a no no

Boots: This one can be tricky so I'd suggest just avoiding this combo.

Sandals: This shoe on the other hand pretty much styles itself. 

A couple other tips and tricks I would suggest is adding a tie front top or tucking in your shirt. Just be aware of the length of your top because going with a top that is too long can make the body look larger. Also to be aware of your underwear line with silk pants (yes I went there) a thong should do the trick! 

Ladies I want to hear your style questions! Send me your biggest issues so I can get to work! Email me at or DM me on Instagram Also, you can now find me on


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