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Q: "Are leather pants practical?" 

Paige: 100% yes every girl needs a pair of kick ass leather pants. Why? Because if you find the right pair it can make you feel like $1,000 bucks. Leather pants aren't an article of clothing you should just buy on a whim. Girl you need to shop, dig, invest, cry, and laugh before you find the perfect pair for you. 


I'm all smiles because I went through the struggle to find my pair. Now we are totally BFF's. 

Okay I'm done being dramatic, so lets get down to the nitty gritty: 

Real or fake leather?

Your decision really depends on your budget and morals (aka vegan). The pair featured is pleather because real leather isn't in the budget, but one day I do plan to purchase a real pair. You can find some really good looking pleather pants. 

Here are some options (click the image to shop):

Be prepared to spend around $100-$150 on a faux pair and any wear from $300+ on a real leather pair. Stores like Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, or Saks will have a variety of options in store you can try on and get a feel for what style is best for your body type. Online stores with plenty of options include: Shopbop (where I purchased featured) or Zara.


What to wear with leather pants:

Breakdown by season:

Fall: White button up, over sized cardigan, and white sneakers.

Winter: Chunky over sized sweater, brown suede thick heel booties, and over coat.

Spring: Colorful Blouse, skinny heel, and a cross body bag. 

Summer: Unless you live some where that is still cold you will probably push these pants to the back of your closet till fall. Or find a pair of leather short, which is perfect for summer concerts. 


Work: Blazer, button up, and heels.

Night out: Silk cami, layered necklaces, and chunky heeled booties


Black or brown?

I'm going to be honest here brown leather pants are really hard to style. I have a pair and I've only wore them once because picking out a pair of shoes to match is HARD! The Style Paige would definitely recommend purchasing a black pair. You will get way more wear out of the pants. 

 Sweater ( similar ) 

Sweater (similar


Side note, here is how I styled this sweater for a casual Sunday afternoon. Chunky sweaters can be hard to feel put together in. The Style Paige's advice? It's all about picking the right pant to go with. 

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