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Rachel: "Can you still wear black jeans in the summer?"

Paige: Why yes you can (weather permitting)! The perfect combo for sporting black denim in the summer: a clean white top. This classic combo is perfect to wear on summer nights when you want to look a little more dressed up. Stack on some color with your accessories aka bracelets, bag, and earrings. 


Or if you're wanting to sport a more casual day time look wear a denim tank top with black jeans + chunky sandals. Easy Right? But lets be honest if its 100 degrees out and you're heading to lunch with the girls you are not going to want to wear jeans. SO just swap your jeans for a pair of cut offs jean shorts! 


How I went about building this outfit:

  • I started with my black jeans. Raw hem goes perfect with sandals. 
  • Sandals: decided if you want to go neutral or add a pop of color. 
  • Did you go neutral? Grab a classic clean top and bring your outfit to life with your accessories. Wear color jewelry or layer on the gold chains. 
  • Colorful shoes? Grab a denim or solid top. Keep your accessories clean cut. Danity gold necklace and a leather bag. 



I have to take a second to talk about my shoes. Omg I have found the most walkable sandal EVER! You are basically wearing sneakers, but the cork bottom adds even more cushion than a sneaker. Plus the chunky look is very on trend right now. 


If you can't tell The Style Paige is a bit denim obsessed. If denim pajamas existed I'd be all over it. My favorite store to purchase jeans from is Madewell. The jeans are just so well made and fit the way you want your jeans to fit. If you haven't ever tried a pair on defiantly check to see if your local mall has a Madewell. 


Jeans (here) Bag (here) Top (similar) Shoes (here

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