pg.30 - Basic T for a night out

Q: "Could you style a T shirt for a night out?"

Paige: Yes you can with the right accessories and shoes! First thing first make sure your t-shirt fits you properly. No one said ever at the club "girl I love you're XXL shirt that I would totally binge watch Netflix's in!" Okay I'm being dramatic, but really look for a more structured T. For example, my t-shirt here is cropped but still boxy enough for an effortless look.


If you have a longer torso look don't go for a cropped top (unless you just want too), but instead look for a top that is a bit longer with an off the shoulder look and maybe even tie it in a side knot. 

Also a front tuck can do a lot to change the look of an outfit. I've said this a 58793 times but I'm serious. It's a whole new world when you discover the front tuck. Look for a distressed white T with holes all in it and add a fun black bralett underneath. 


Shoes can really change the tone of an outfit. I could easily swap out my heels here for some Stan Smith and head to the grocery store. The heel and texture of the shoe is key to upgrading from casual to going-out. 

Side note I wore this outfit to dinner with a girlfriend after this shoot and all these older men kept commenting on my shoes... Saying they remind them of an Elvis Presley song? It didn't ring any bells to me but it sure did draw a lot of attention! I found this pair at Nordstrom Rack on super sale. If you have a Nordstrom Rack near you be sure to check out the sale section. It's very hit or miss but you can really score some designer steals. I used to shop for my shoe deals at TJMax but I haven't had much luck lately...


Easy jewelry to pair with this look?

Gold hoops


I've taken a little time off from blogging and Instagram but I'm back and refreshed! Personally I'm kind of a hippie so I go through phases of not wanting to touch electronics and just be outside. 

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