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Why are rompers the best for travel you might ask? 

If you're wanting to keep things simple and your bag light rompers are what you need to packet. It's a one step outfit. Especially in the summer when it's HOT. No one wants to be messing with jeans. 

What you want to be focused on is seeing the sites, eating the food, drinking the drinks (already missing the french wine), and being care free. 


Style Tips: 

  • Plain white sneaks and stripes 

  • Floral patterns: tan or gold sandals and layered gold accessories

  • Long or Short? Either. If you go long try on the romper before your trip to see if it needs to be tailored. I wish I would have had my stripped romper tailored before the trip. It was about an inch and a half to long.  

  • Rompers = legs for days, so pack some bronzed shimmer lotion 

  • Pack neutral underwear so no one can spot your green Hanky Panky's

  • As soon as you arrive in your hotel (if you couldn't pack a steamer) hang up your rompers in the bathroom so the steam from the shower can do the job for you. 

  • Pick a purse that will go with every outfit. I noticed a lot of French women had straw bags. Super cute. 

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Over $100

Under $100

Keep in Mind

Rompers fit everyone differently. I have a short torso so most rompers fit me well. If you have  a longer torso look for a style with "drop waste" or adjustable straps. The romper I purchased from Madewell lets you adjust the straps in the back with buttons.

Wear with it: 

A Personal note from my trip: 

Paris was a dream. Our hotel was amazing if you go I would defiantly recommend staying at The West-End Paris. Perfect location and close enough to Eiffel tower and a metro to explore the rest of the city. Eric and I had about 6 days in Paris so our typical day would be like this: Wake up and have complementary breakfast at the hotel, so good by the way. Cheese, fruit, coffee, and croissants (way better than a Holiday-In breakfast). Use the maps app to pick our location for the and take the metro. If you have a trip coming up to Paris don't be afraid to use the metro. It's super easy to navigate and cheaper than Uber. 

After seeing whatever museum, historical site, or palace we stumbled upon around two pm we would sit outside at a cafe for a leisurely lunch. Pasta, pizza, or wine was almost always consumed. 


My favorite site from the trip was defiantly the Gardens of Versailles. It's about a 30 minute metro ride into this pretty city. We came on a Saturday, which was the day for the farmers market. All the locals stocked up on baguettes and fruit. I so wanted to live their lives! We skipped the palace tour due to the 2 hour line and 95 degree heat and just went straight to the gardens. A ticket is about 12 Euro and we walked around for about 2 hours. 


Favorite Museum : Musee d' Orsay 

A local couple suggest it to us at dinner one night (the dinner tables are very close together) and it was way more personal and easy to navigate as opposed to the Louvre. But defiantly visit both.

Favorite Shop: Golden Goose Deluxe Brand

I've had my eyes on a pair for a while, but I wait till Paris because a friend of mine told me I'd save money if I bought them in Paris. She was right and the selection was amazing! I think I've worn my sneakers every day since I bought them...

Favorite thing todo: Walk

Walk walk walk! We found so many hidden treasures walking through the cobblestoned streets. Little cafes are hidden every where! So many streets are tucked away with the best food and drinks. Plus all the walking just means more pizza. Right?




Just Have a little Fun


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