pg. 33 - Transition into Fall and a New City


It's about that time to start shopping for fall. I'm not trying to be basic here, but I LOVE FALL. I know, every girl loves fall. Okay, so maybe I'm like every other girl but only because all those other girls are smart. Anyways...

Every fall my tip to you is not to go overboard spending money on cute sweaters, booties, and everything in between. First: Clean out your closet. This helps make room for the new and to reevaluate what you already have. The Style Paige is starting the new phrase "Fall Cleaning". I promise you, there are lots of cute fall materials already stashed away. 


Make a budget

Determine how much you want to spend on a few new fall items to mix in with the old. Every fall I find a good closet refresher to include the following items: one pair of new mules/booties, (suede) jacket, and a few fun, adorable play pieces. 

Play pieces = rompers, night vibe blouses, boho cardigans, and spunky jewelry

Keep your play pieces in the $50.00 or less price range so you can splurge on the other items.

Next season you will be tired of your romper but not your leather mules.  


Splurge worthy: 

Save on: 


A personal note:


I've been in my new city, San Francisco, for a little over a week now. What has been helping me get adjusted most is creating old habits in a new city, like running or cooking dinner. I notice a huge difference in my attitude towards being somewhere new when I work out. I think it's because one it relieves stress and it's a habit I created back in Oklahoma. Also cooking some of my favorite meal in my new place makes it feel more like home. Don't get me wrong, I've been trying all kinds of new foods, places, and things here but some habits help the heart happy. 

My apartment is a mess with no furniture and I have 5 cats right now. Yes, five. We are looking for homes for the kittens currently. Do you live in San Francisco? Please come take one... Anyways I'll do a more in detailed post about moving to a new place, but for now I'm forming habits and scooping litter. 

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