pg. 26 - Are short overalls still in style?


Lisa: "Are short overalls still in style?" 

Paige: I have good news for you Lisa. YES! Girl, when the warm weather rolls around you will want to be caught in a pair of short overalls. I know overalls can seem like a hard style to pull off, but I promise with the right under layers and shoes anyone can pull it off. Shall we break it down?


The most important layer:

Your undershirt is key when perfecting the overall look. Personal story. I've worked part time at Madewell for two plus years now and Madewell always has overalls in stock. I've helped lots of girls when trying on overalls, and its something about the under shirt that throws girls off. Girls tend to grab for a blouse or V-neck. If the blouse is to loosely fitting it can add weight to the frame and V-necks can some times work but the contradicting neck line can look funny when paired together. 10 minutes later I come back to the dressing room with a scoop neck tee or tighter fighting shirt and BAM! It's love. 

What to a void: 

  • Oversized tops
  • V-necks
  • Florals

What to look for:

  • A more natural neck line like a scoop neck
  • light weight cotton
  • If you want to wear a button up underneath just make sure it's tailored
  • Fun graphic tees

In my styled look I went for a fun cotton tee. It says Cancer and I look for any excuse to wear it. I've also paired my overalls with a tight fitted henley or a bodysuit. 



Here is the easy part. Want to a casual look? Grab your favorite old pair of Converse, Adidas, or Vans! 

If you're shooting for a more dressed up look choose a pair of suede sandals or platform rope sandals. 


Black or Blue denim?

Blue is great for everyday casual wear, whereas black is a great options for concerts. Black pairs well with white cotton tops and colorful crop tops.  Blue pairs better with graphic tees or button up tops.  


Here some options based on your budget:

Under $100

Over $100 but worth it:

Are you sold yet? 

When it comes to sizing a little over sized is better. Overalls are meant to give off chill, easy going vibes. Don't go over board but think of overalls as a boyfriend fit. Length is also key. You don't want to go to long because an oversized fit can add length. Look for a length that is a bit above finger length (schools rules are meant to be broken). 


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