Circle or Basket?


What bag are you? Circle, basket or maybe both? 

The easiest way to add a little bit of flare to last years spring clothes is with a fun bag! Let's be real not everyone can afford a bunch of new sun dresses and sandals. Trends are a good way to liven up your closet. 

Lets get down to business. How do you decided which trends to buy and how much do you spend?

  • If you wear more sun dresses and flowing tops a cross body can cause a weird line down the middles of your body so go with a fun basket bag!
  • If you live in cut offs and your favorite graphic tee a circle cross body would be easy to pair. 
  • Do you wear workout clothes a lot? If so circle cross body all the way!
  • Do you want to always have your summer read available? Go with a bigger basket bag.

As for your budget, if you're looking to spend $50 and under bag check out ASOS or Zara. I've tagged some really cute one below under $50. Also, check out your local TJmax because they do a great job of getting some of the trendier items in for less at the beginning of the season. If you'er looking to spend more than $50 look at larger department stores like Nordstrom. Whatever your budget just make sure the material looks durable enough for some sun shine! 

Here are some celebrities picks to help you make your decision!

paige stoner