4 beauty products you need in your Carry On

Let's be honest packing is such a pain. I've been traveling a lot lately going back in forth between Oklahoma and San Fransisco so I have found a few items I always have ready to go. Here are my top five beauty products worth adding to your bag!


#1 Avistar Eco Friendly Bamboo Toothbrush


Well of course you need a toothbrush when you travel,  but why not make a positive environmental choice? Plus the toothbrushes come in a 20 pack with 4 different colors. I of course love the Pink! Each toothbrush is individually wrapped making it easy to just throw in your bag and go! The brush is biodegradable so you don't have to feel bad about throwing it out either after your travels. 

You could even stalk your guest bathroom and really impress your guest. Maybe give them out on Halloween and you know be those neighbors... 


#2: GingerChi Roller

Can I say this product is a GAME CHANGER. I mean flying on an airplane does weird stuff to your skin like bags under your eyes and puff face. Using this roller seriously helps reduce your baggage. Make sure you find an oil you just love too! When you purchase the roller it comes with a sample of the oil. I've been looking for a rose oil, but have yet to find one that won't break the bank. Defiantly purchase two and keep one in your freezer at home and the other in your travel bag. 


#3 Neutrogena Deep Cleaning Clay Mask

I swear every time I go on a road trip or fly I get a pimple or two. It's awful. I mean you pack all these cute outfits for the trip and BAM you're wishing you had packet a face mask too. Well, Neutrogena came to everyone rescue making these perfectly packable clay masks. The mask is super affordable too! You can choose from the Hydro Boost or Deep Cleaning. My personal favorite is the Deep Cleaning. 


#4 Batiste Dry Shampoo

I'm a dry shampoo freak let me tell you! If I forget to pack some or the airport security workers tell me it is too big to travel (not the one above but the full sized bottle, which is why I sought out this mini bottle) I can't function on my trip. I found that Ulta has the widest selection of Batiste dry shampoo. Be sure to pick up at least 3 bottles. I keep this little bottle in all my bags.

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paige stoner